Quote… Unquote, Inc.(QUQ) (www.quote-unquote.org) is the 501c-3 non-profit operator of Encantada TV and Albuquerque’s Public Access TV Station, Community Cable Channel 27 (3C27TV). Bill and Denise Makely established QUQ in 1979, as one of the initial public access TV stations to exist in the country. In 1984, Federal legislation was enacted to create and fund Public, Education, and Government (PEG) Access TV Stations on Cable TV. This opened the gates for PEG Access stations nationwide to start up, and now there are more than 1500 Public Access Stations in the United States, and more worldwide.

Quote… Unquote, Inc. has branded itself as a Community Media Center, because it sees its role as more than an operator of community focused TV channels. QUQ provides training for studio and field production, Final Cut Pro, & Pro Tools, Motion. Additionally, QUQ board, staff and associates founded the Media Arts Collaborative Charter School (MACCS), New Mexico’s first state authorized charter school. During the process, QUQ wrote and proposed to the NM Public Education Department, the first Media Arts Content Standards and Benchmarks which was fully integrated into the core curriculum. Understanding that all media is converging into one medium, QUQ wrote the standards to ensure that whatever medium was used, that media literacy, social responsibility, ethics, business and journalism concepts, as well as civic responsibilities were included in this education.

Miro Community and Quote...Unquote's partnership is essential to further public access to media! Miro Community is an excellent community resource.

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