Amplify your voice by participating in New Mexico's community media center! Quote Unquote, Inc understands and stresses the importance of public access to media! Connecting with community members is essential in order to heighten exposure, awareness and discussion around independently produced videos.

You can gather videos from YouTube,, Vimeo, or other sites that allow videos to be embedded. All you need in most cases is the web address of the video. To add a video about New Mexico, first enter the URL into the "URL" field after hitting "Submit a Video." The video must be hosted elsewhere - this is not a hosting service. We recommend, or for easy integration. If the video you are interested in is located at any of these sites, all you have to do is copy and paste the Video URL, add any relevant tags, and hit "Submit". If the video is hosted elsewhere, you will need to fill out the relevant info.

You do not have to be the creator of a video in order to submit it! Because this site works by embedding, anyone can submit videos as long as they are embeddable - and there will always be a link back to the original video page. But it's a great idea to leave a comment on the original video page and let the creator know you've submitted the video.

Please use good manners and treat this website as a community space.

Thank you for joining! Email Erica Jones at with any questions!